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The Everglades: an Epic Journey

The Everglades is an incredible place, it is unlike any other place on the planet. Here in Florida we simply call it The Swamp.
This place is so incredible, the wildlife here is unlike any. This place is home to some of a unique species in the world, the alligator being the main one.

I like to come here often, as it is very peaceful. It is one of those places you can hear your self-think. No noise pollution from the city, just the wind painting a smile on your face. I like to listen to the birds, you can hear their songs echo through the entire Everglades.

Alligators sound like pigs in the water, they are such amazing creatures, I can sit there and look at them all day long. This is one of the few places I have ever been to where I feel one with nature. Alone in such a majestic place full of incredible creatures can be a bit intimidating, however, after visiting The Everglades so much I feel like I have earned my place in the swamp.

My favorite part of the Everglades are the sunsets of course. They are just incredible, once the light starts to dim the entire swamp lights up with this orange glow. You can see it for miles and miles. If you look into the horizon, you start to think you are in Africa, the Lion King song pops up in your head as the orange glow from the sun paints a smile on your face.

It is moments like these I live for, pure bliss. When you are one with the planet and you feel like you belong. My favorite part of this entire process is, of course, capturing this images to share them with you. I am yet to take a bad photo at this incredible place we like to call the swamp.

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