Sunset Everglades Photography Tour

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This is the Everglades Sunset Tour and it is 2 hours long. 

Come explore one of South Florida’s most incredible, picturesque places, The Everglades National Park.

You will get a chance to photograph the area like you have never seen it before. Escaping to some incredible places to photograph nature, landscapes, and wildlife. Ending this incredible tour by catching an amazing sunset from a secret spot in all of The Everglades.

This hands on workshop is designed to master your photography skills and also to awaken your creative process. This entire workshop is hands on and we will be covering composition, camera settings, chasing the light, and much more. You will see, and photograph the Everglades like never before.

5:45 - Meet and Greet at Ernest Coe Visitor Center where you can meet everyone. You can also take this opportunity to carpool with the other photographers we will get on our way to shoot the epic sunset at my most favorite locations.

There are no stores out there please bring snacks and water.

What is NOT included:

Entry to the park ($25.00 per vehicle), meals, travel and local transportation to shooting locations are not included. Please bring your own lunch and plenty of water. Space is limited.

What IS included:

Everglades tour and photography instruction. An incredible, unforgettable experience, full of adventure with amazing people and loads of great photos!!!

What you need to bring:
A camera, a tripod, a wide angle lens (preferably) its ok if you do not have one. A zoom lens (kit lenses are ok). Lots of water and snacks. Please wear long sleeves, pants and bring mosquito repellent.

Most importantly a great attitude.



Where to Meet:

Ernest Coe Visitor Center

40001 State Hwy 9336

Homestead, FL 33034

I enjoy Edin’s workshop very much. Anyone can take a camera and go to the Everglades. However, Edin knows the spots for the best pictures. He will give you guidance in composition, best lenses to use, the right camera settings for the picture you intend to make. He is knowledgeable but more important, Edin has a great attitude making the workshop very enjoyable and a great learning experience.
— Michel Cohen
I have done many workshops and can honestly say I enjoyed Edin’s more than any other. His guidance and technical support was outstanding. But the best part was the sheer fun and excitement of capturing the awesome sights of the everglades. Edin obviously never tires of the wonders of the Everglades and truly enjoys sharing his knowledge and insights into it with his students. Edin made sure everyone got what they needed in terms of technical guidance while having a great adventure. I hope I can come back and do it again!
— Patti