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See & Photograph Miami Through a Photographer's Eye

Founder Edin Chavez has been photographing Miami for years. Having left no stone unturned, he wanted to share the best places to photograph with all of us.

Guided by award wining photographers you will see Miami through a photographers eye and have hands on help every step of the way.

We will make sure you are at the perfect location at the perfect time, so you will be able to capture that perfect shot.

Book your tour and join us for a great Miami photography workshop today!

A 5-Star Photography Tour

Great Photo Tour!

"Signed up for the Everglades tour because I love National Parks but don't always know where to go for the best photographs. Guide Edin showed me places I wouldn't have found on my own, and provided good info on taking better pictures. Highly recommended for photo buffs who are visiting, or don't know where to begin at such a feature-packed National Park."

Photo Classes

"Amazing experience with Edin Chavez his great charisma , professionalism and total attention of his clients impress me. I would recommend him to all. I had so much fun and learn a lot. I will keep attending his different activities and courses. The quality of his clients is real good and u get to meet great professional people."

Great Experience!

"Spent the evening with Edin photographing areas of the Everglades. Went to areas that I didn’t know and got some great photos, but more importantly got some great tips from Edin. He was very helpful and would recommend taking the opportunity to go on this outing. Whether you live in Florida or just visiting."

Sunset Photography Workshop with Edin Chavez!

"Edin is an awesome, passionate photographer loves what he does and lives to help you in anyway to make you a better photographer. It's a must do in Miami Florida if you are in to photography! Thank you Edin!!"

The Everglades National Park Photography Tour
Everglades Photography Workshop

"I went out to the Everglades and got to see it from a photographers eyes. I spent most of my time shooting as the locations are already scouted out for us. Edin knew where to be for the sunset to get that perfect shot. I will do this again!"